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My practice is concerned with magnifying and manipulating the awkward conjunctions and contradictions of 21st century living, often involving people and animals.  Similarities are exaggerated and juxtaposed, and manipulated to create a paradoxical scene.  I use ambiguity, absurdity and humour to test boundaries between humans and animals, to question ways in which we relate to other species and to re-present definitions of humanness. Employing both a playful and a serious intent, my aim is to sweep the viewer off into the unfamiliar.​

I draw and paint, and create sculptures, installations, animations and videos; I make props and use everyday objects in video performance, constructing stage scenes for use in my films and photographs. My approach is fluid.


I began studying animal politics and philosophy nine years ago and looked at how animals are represented in art and popular culture. My work is closely bound up in the notion of becoming-animal, with humans straying into the psychological territories of animals. Becoming-animal is above and below the threshold of perception and presents us with an alternative way of thinking about identity.

I pose questions around identity, what it is to be human and the nature of animality.  We cannot escape our humanness but the point of my art is to explore and test the boundary and entertain the possibility of becoming something other. My work is not necessarily about animals – instead I use them as a prism through which to look at humanness.

Artist Statement

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