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Discursivity exhibition

PhD students at CCW share their research in an exhibition and discussion led by Dr Mo Throp and Dr Stephen Wilson. Practice as research at PhD level demands that the student develops a body of work which leads their investigation and which aims to address a particular question. It therefore necessitates situating their artwork within a particular body of knowledge and making a specific and new contribution to that field.

The students' research, as artists, is determined by their ongoing practice which leads this enquiry and necessitates close critical scrutiny. Opportunities to present the practice itself in the exhibition as professional propositions must be central to the testing of their practice as research investigations - looking at what has been produced and examining the relationships between political, ethical and aesthetic gestures under which new knowledge is possible to research and discover.

Along side ten other researchers, I presented a diptych (Untitled (Black Spider) projection with sound - see my previous blog, which discusses the artwork.

Stills from (Untitled (Black Spider).

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