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Nocturnality - Folkestone Triennial 2021

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Solo show: 28 October to 1 November 2021

Spacebox Gallery. A shipping container - 8ft x 8ft x 20ft, wood chip walls, ceiling and floor, with glass sliding doors each end.

Interior exhibition

My aim was to test out two new films: Untitled (Black Spider) and Untitled (White Spider). And, for a couple of days, I also tested out Fox and Moon, another new film. All films were accompanied by sound.

Still from Untitled (Black Spider): August 2021

Photograph of Untitled (White Spider) at Nocturnality exhibition, 2021

Woodlice: Pen and ink drawing. Woodlice drawn while they scampered around in circles (July 2021)

Our everyday lives and domestic spaces support an ontology of difference, where life and matter are temporal and durational entanglements between humans and nonhuman exist in a constant flow of becoming. 'Duration' supports this transformation through a process of undoing and redoing, unravelling and making. Located in duration, this work focuses on the nocturnal behaviour of creatures living in paradoxical spaces between the wild and the domestic, where the domains of nocturnal animals are extraordinary and fantastical worlds.

This exhibition shines a light on nocturnal animals that share our everyday - our domestic spaces and places. Many animal behaviour patterns elude our understanding, but never far from my thoughts are John Berger's observations regarding twilight and the hunting hour of animals... "in the half-light of glimpses, we catch sight of another visible order which intersects with ours and has nothing to do with it," as if "we see between two frames", (Berger, 1980). When thinking about animality, this observation helps me to access a different perspective - a different way of thinking about and seeing animals.

In the gallery, I hung orange plastic netting or fencing across the ceiling and down the walls. My intention was to evoke a sense of the viewer becoming entangled or ensnared in a net or web.

I am referencing a number of issues that detrimentally affect animals in the environment, particularly when the netting is used in agriculture and for marking boundaries between a field edge and a footpath, for example.

Nocturnality visitor

Exhibition plans:


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